“One of our YKHC partners visited our community to host a sobriety walk/run, which attracted seventy youth participants. At the end of the sobriety walk, we hosted the Wellness Curriculum on Microgreens. As a special treat, our partner brought along lots of delicious fresh produce for the kids to enjoy.” – Program Staff

Hooper Bay is located 20 miles south of Cape Romanzof and 25 miles south of Scammon Bay in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Falling within the transitional climate zone, Hooper Bay is characterized by tundra interspersed with boreal forests, and having weather patterns of long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers. The current population is 1,247 (2018).

Hooper Bay, traditionally Naparyaarmiut (Central Yup’ik), is a large traditional Yup’ik community reliant on subsistence and fishing activities. In 2006, an Elder and Youth Cultural Center was completed to provide space to teach cultural activities, such as subsistence living and survival to the younger generations. The Hooper Bay School or Naparyarmiut Elicarviat is a bilingual school with a K-3rd grade Yup’ik language immersion program.

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