“My coworker’s mom runs a program in Igiugig that teaches kids about cultural craft projects. She invited us to participate with them, which was awesome. We were able to bring supplies, and she was able to share this valuable cultural knowledge.” – Taylor, Program Staff

Igiugig is located on the Alaska Peninsula on the south shore of the Kvichak River, which flows from Iliamna Lake. It is 50 air miles northeast of King Salmon and 48 miles southwest of Iliamna. Falling within the transitional climate zone, Igiugig is characterized by tundra interspersed with boreal forests, and having weather patterns of long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers. The current population is 52 (2018).

Igiugig, derived from Igyaraaq (Central Yup’ik) meaning “like a throat that swallows water,” is traditionally a Yup’ik village, but is now primarily an Alutiiq village. The community is reliant on subsistence and fishing activities. Historically, Kiatagmuit Yup’ik lived on the north bank of the Kvichak River in the village of Kaskanak and used Igiugig as a summer fish camp.

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