“The kids loved the dental curriculum and were very excited to get their own toothbrushes. Some kids spent thirty minutes brushing their teeth—they even brought their toothbrushes back to program the following day. – Program Staff

Pitkas Point is located near the junction of the Yukon and Andreafsky Rivers, 5 miles northwest of St. Mary’s on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and 3 miles by road from the St. Mary’s airport. Falling within the transitional climate zone, Pitkas Point is characterized by tundra interspersed with boreal forests, and having weather patterns of long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers. The current population is 126 (2018).

Pitkas Point, traditionally Negeqliim (Central Yup’ik) meaning “mouth of the river far to the north,” is a Yup’ik village dependent on a subsistence lifestyle.

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