“An Elder attended our teen program during a basketball tournament. From the minute he walked in the door he was smiling, delighted to see the kids. I was so proud of the kids—they weren’t just kind and respectful towards him, they also included him into their game and helped him shoot the basketball.” – Program Staff

Tununak is located on a small bay on the northeast coast of Nelson Island, 115 miles northwest of Bethel, and 519 miles northwest of Anchorage. Falling within the western transitional climate zone, Tununak is characterized by tundra interspersed with boreal forests, and having weather patterns of long, cold winters and shorter, warm summers. The current population is 370 (2018).

Tununak, traditionally Tununeq (Central Yup’ik), is a traditional Yup’ik village active in fishing and subsistence practices. The community school, Paul T. Albert Memorial, is a bilingual English-Yugtun school that is K-12.

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